Glee is a “pop-style” singing & dancing group that meets after school once a week late September to early December, late March to early May, & sometimes during Excel.  Glee is composed of 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students who are enrolled in a GMS choir class.  Glee performs one holiday song for the Winter Choir Concert the first semester & two songs selected from the top of the pop charts for the Spring Choir Concert during the Spring semester.  A smaller, select auditioned Glee group will perform a jazz, shoo-whop, or rockabilly song for There Is Only Gorzycki Night & a holiday song for the Winter Fine Arts Assembly.  Students in Glee are expected to have exceptional behavior & to attend all rehearsals & performances to participate.  Glee students are not allowed to miss more than ONE rehearsal per semester & should let Mr. Heckler know ahead of time about possible conflicts.  Mr. Heckler reserves the right to remove students from Glee who do not meet these expectations.  Students wishing to join this group will be given an application & information in September.

Glee Student Expectations

Glee students will…

  1. turn in the “Gorzycki Glee Student / Parent Agreement Form” by Friday, September 18.

  2. be enrolled in a GMS Choir class all year to be eligible to participate in Glee.  

  3. attend all rehearsals or make arrangements with Mr. Heckler ahead of time if they cannot attend for any reason. 

  4. not miss more than one rehearsal each semester.

  5. attend all performances.

  6. practice at home before they attend practice.

  7. have professional & responsible behavior at rehearsals & performances.

  8. be a good citizen at school.

  9. follow all AISD & GMS Choir rules while participating in rehearsals & performances with GLEE.

  10. have their parents pick them up on time from GLEE rehearsals & performances.